Pattern Maker 7 is UP! –no patterns yet. 2

Tara, from the Pattern Maker 7 support team sent me a dll file to insert into my program files. It worked directly with Windows, activated my registration, and a pop-up says~

The Clock is running! You have 31 days left in your free Deluxe Demo access. Is what you’re doing right now really more fun or important?! Life is short! 

Okay, not really. 😉  But I can now store measurements and do lots not available in the basic view. What do the rest of you think? Anybody use any other programs to compare? What level access/expertise do you use and why? I’m a hobbyist, hard to justify spending but nice to have tools that work.




  1. You wrote: “Pattern Maker 7 is UP! –no patterns yet”.
    Are you stating that you have yet to make a pattern?

    • Patricia,
      I have made a few garments but not really a pattern. I got my 1912 patterns as pdf’s and printed them. One of them stated it was not adaptable in pattern maker (think I got that right). I could not figure out how to grade or adapt, fit in pattern maker, so I passed on that. I don’t know why, but assume that unless I purchase an upgrade, the personal measurement table won’t be accessible. I wasn’t able to make that work. If you know otherwise, for the 1912 sewers, please let me know asap!It seems like a super capability and I’d still like for it to work for this project! 🙂

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