Skirt #0162 Scroll work 2

Tools for Scroll Work:

  • Crochet Thread. I used Aunt Lydia’s #10.
  • A sharp needle. I like the John James long ones I used for smocking.
  • Thread conditioner. This stitch confounds thread and it likes to snarl. I even iron it in. 😉
  • A small-stitch machine line to follow.

I sewed the pattern onto the fabric over my tracing paper (helps to keep it smooth), with feed dogs down, slowly! You don’t want any puckering.

Gently pull the paper across the stitching lines to tear it off. Good luck with shredding, easier with practice. Now press it flat, no stretching.

I used the machine thread you see there to “couch” the crosheen in place. Run under the machine stitches, then pop up to catch the heavy thread at short intervals.

Come up and go down on the other side of the heavy thread, catching the machine line for strength. Pull it towards the outside of the curves, since it wants to roll in.  Also, that cross stitch needs to run up & down straight across the machine line, or it’ll twist the heavy thread to one side. You can pull that out a bit, don’t pull it tightly, just snug. There’s a nice balance between loose enough to distort around those small stitches and tight enough to pucker. Good Luck!

I didn’t pre-wash the cotton threads and hope I don’t regret that! I didn’t cut the heavy thread, didn’t want to worry about hiding ends. I’m just sewing up and down the entire skirt length.
I hope I like it. 🙂 I hope you do too. 🙂


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