Finishing the dress, wrapping up! 5

The dress is done and I wore it!

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The finishing touches:

  • The collar pattern was re-drafted to include an overlap, then cut into two pieces to accommodate more straight-of-grain. Fussy cutting was still a little off, oh well.
  • The outer blouse collar facing was whipped into place.
  • The front edges were rolled, amazingly easier than with silk!!
  • One last look at the lining, seems such a waste to cover up that spectacular Liberty lawn!
  • Wrapping the bodice was an exercise in faith. I turned the lining and sort-of sewed it to the outer blouse, which ended below it. I serged the outer layer edge. They didn’t match and looked pretty crummy. I sewed a large snap to the middle back, wrapped the rest and tucked it in. This would need some work for a repeat version. The outer blouse would need to be longer to sew it to the lining at the lower edge, but then the gathering lines would show–tear them out? hmm…the belt covered it.


  1. Your outfit is absolutely stunning! I like your color choices (even if the skirt/trim wasn’t the navy blue that you had imagined) and the embroidery on the skirt is beautiful.

  2. Wow! I could not have imagined this rather dorky-looking waist/blouse pattern could have come out so well – it’s really stunning, and honestly – ever so much better that the fabulous Liberty lawn lining remains the understated and intriguing “backstory”. You are a fabric genius!

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