Portland Rose Festival Open House 5

Here’s that dress I made in action!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Me & Karyl Carlson, another 1912 Titanic Sewing Project member, Group 1!
  • One of this year’s Rose Festival Princesses.
  • the LWVOR Secretary and the Royal Rosarian Scribe.
  • The Suffragette, the Scribe, and the Aviator.
  • The Royal Rosarian Robe and Sceptor.
  • Detail of the robe embellishment, velvet roses.
  • A bigger shot of the Royal Robe.
  • Another Rose costume.
  • The 1938 Ford that will carry the Rose Queen.
  • LWV display!
  • The Terwiliger Park display.
  • The Rose Festival President.
  • My next project!! Beautiful Pendleton wool for a Madeleine Vionnet gown!


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