Taking Good Care… Reply

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That is not a reference to the carrot cake that will not finish baking. I am taking care of fragile vision, important to take care of yourself! So, I am using more of the (too many!!) carrots from last week’s 1940’s dinner, for carrot cake!

btw, last week’s 1940’s menu? Heartfelt (literally!!) apologies to our vegan friends! We usually do MUCH BETTER! We were celebrating attending Radio Redux with friends, a local on-stage Radio re-enactment of 1940’s live radio broadcasting-
the Lone Ranger, Our Miss Brooks, etc.!

Velveeta- Rotel dip on Ritz
Angels on Horseback (broiled oysters wrapped in bacon (Paula Deen is right- can’t go wrong with bacon).
Pot Roast with cranberry horseradish (celery, lemon jello) relish on the side
Duchess Potatoes and gravy (of course!)
buttered carrots (won’t buy from COSTCO again real soon)
homemade bread & butter (what did you expect)
Bibb Salad with Roquefort Dressing (homemade, of course)
Lemon Jello cake (gift!) It was made by mixing the dry powder into the cake, glazed with lemon juice, sugar. Yum!


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