Skirt #0162 Pattern Alterations 1

oops this wasn’t posted earlier, catching up…

Pattern Alterations, Skirt #0162

Skirt pieces aligned, straight of grain

The skirt tissue pattern pieces needed to be lined up, especially to check that the matching points actually would match. I wasn’t worried about this, but have found this problem in some other old patterns. 🙂

I next looked closely at the waist, walking the tape measure along the pieces, which still didn’t have seam allowances included. 

Ready to Walk the waist measurements

I measured the waist and found that it wasn’t really 25″. I had to double check it, then found it hilarious, figured that appealing to vanity is not new to our present time. Then I learned that maybe this added allowance for the:

–corset (called “stays” back then?)
— corset cover
who knows what all? The natural waist line was marked as 3″ below the top of the pattern pieces, what a sweet change from the dropped waists on everything now! I love this waist line! [Aside–my daughter cinched me into a corset of hers, taking off 7″ and severely restricting my freedom! I wore it later with this skirt, much looser!]

So, I marked the pattern pieces at my waist, a high hip line and a lower hip line. I hope you can see the marks in the photo. They are dashed red lines. At this point, it was time to measure myself again. I ran for my Christmas Present 🙂 copy of Sandra Betzina’s Fast Fit for the Personal Measurement Chart, p. 9. You can maybe see my excel sheet- me, the pattern, ease estimate(?), change needed.

Walking the measurements with an Alterations Checklist

I had to shorten the skirt, wondered about the back hem being lower than the front. One of the group members actually owns an original skirt related to this pattern, says it looks like a “day-length”, not supposed to drag in the back. I took this to be like men’s trousers “breaking” in the front, yet a bit lower in the back. I proceeded accordingly.

I took a Huge Deep Breath–and cut out the skirt. You can almost see the chalk marks for the seam lines. I didn’t actually fuss about the seam allowances, sewed on the chalk lines.  Can you tell I’m left-handed? 🙂

Seam Allowances added

One especially large piece- fits on 58″ fabric!


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