Skirt #0162 Pattern work 3

oops, a review showed I hadn’t posted this, so, looking back…

Patternmaker Pages

Matching Patternmaker Registration Marks

Working with the pattern was fun, from Patternmaker registration marks to tracing paper. Those strips in the photo are the edges of the sheets, trimmed so I could more closely match those marks.
I was pretty intimidated by using the seam lines. 🙂

I did use Patternmaker tutorials, now posted with our project.  I still haven’t figured out how to make dominant lines. I had to trace over them to see through the tracing paper. I’ll ask for tech help next time if I haven’t figured it out by then.

Patternmaker pages, #0162

I used the seam lines, not the seam allowances, as Kim recommended, also mentioned in the Claire Schaeffer Couture Dress class I just signed up for. Easier class, having done that already!

Tissue Paper
Next I traced onto the tissue paper, laying out the pieces and thinking ahead to measuring. I had to dither with the images (thank you GIMP!) so that you can see the lines here. My cutting table isn’t really dirty-looking. 🙂

The pieces were starting to look like they should, right about when someone in the group circulated a link to a Chanel Jacket YouTube, both intimidating and inspiring!!
The Secrets of the Little Black Jacket by Chanel.

Pattern ready to measure for alteration

Next up, Pattern alterations…deep breath!



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  2. Couple of ways to do this easily. #1 BEFORE running the pattern, change your line width to 5 or 7.

    If you are ALWAYS going to just print patterns, why not change your default to 5 or 7 (Under Settings, configure defaults)

    Or in the Professional Studio, Edit>Change Object, select the object and Line Width

    • Kim, thank you! I’m dragging my feet for some new patterns but will have to hop to it soon for the June 9th Parade! I want something light colored and cooler for the 4 & a half mile parade route, as a Suffragette! Long sleeves would be great, not a Sun Fan. 🙂 The tucked blouse might be just the thing…wonder what else is coming soon? Think I should just get busy with the current selection?

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