Cardigan- stabilizing neck & shoulders Reply

Neck & Shoulder fix on the Mari Pebble Cardigan

The collar rolls again!

This is a pretty sweater, fun to knit, an interesting pattern. Mari, the designer, lives in our town but we haven’t met. You can find her patterns HERE and this one HERE.  I hope sharing helps my friend Catherine Hopkins, asking about her sweater collar.

I love the roll of this collar. But—The shoulders had stretched out almost immediately, falling several inches off mine, so I pleated them, which inserted a sort of shoulder pad and a nice tuck falling into the torso. I got the idea from this Pendleton jacket.

Pendleton shoulder tuck

But–the yarn is heavy and it continued to stretch, pulling the roll out of the collar. And the buttonholes looked sad, hand-finished, buttonhole twist not a great match.  I’m sorry I didn’t take pix of these. Not that sorry. 🙂

So! I used a narrow grosgrain at the neck and shoulders to pull them back into shape. The measuring tape looked about right on my neck at 16″, so on that went, whipped in by hand. I pinned the ribbon, firmly adjusting the fullness back in, basting, then finishing.

Shoulders & Neck taped!

The shoulders had to be reined back in considerably, also.  I need to roll the shoulder line forward to fit my shoulders, didn’t do it here, wish I had. I could use some help with that.  I’m approaching the back shoulders on another, the “Kelly Cardigan” in Erika Knight’s Classic Knits. My sloper shoulders are adjusted forward, can’t be that hard to fix here (I hope).

That twist got picked out and the buttonholes pursed closed from the gaping grins left after taking off the old ribbon. This is the first time I’ve done machine buttonholes on a sweater. I don’t have a thing to say- it was as easy as putting them into a blouse!

This fits better and I’ll start to wear it again!


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