Titanic/Suffragette dress- Red Straw Hat! Reply

My Toque was old news… So a straw hat, for Spring!

Kate Brown, OR SoS, posing with my new red hat

The toque was fun to make but wandered all over looking for a comfortable position, as you can see in this slide show. And it was pretty warm.

So, Saturday morning, I started this one, and wore it that day! It took a couple of hours, including ripping out an inner band I didn’t like, after all.  Here is my materials stash:

Milliner’s supplies

You can see that there are another two straw hats waiting in the wings for a good blocking.  They come flat, steam into shape.

I used tutorials from the hatsupply.com mailing list and it was a breeze. Sewing the trim on was also easy, done by hand, carefully working not to split and weaken the straw. Nice to use up bits of trim left over from other projects!!

My pal Kate will now be walking with us in the Portland Rose Festival Parade, since I promised her the costume I’m wearing.

OMG, need to get going on the next one (VPLL Dress #4016) ASAP!

Here are a couple of views of the hat up close, being worn by a Mother’s Day celebrant with hair that came out of my daughter’s stash- color was a surprise, but the hair really helps the hat to fit. 🙂

Red straw hat, front

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