Today’s Favorite Quilt- his old shirts 3

We have quite a variety of Quilt Styles in our house, never posted any, so here’s a start!
(a deep breath while I’m *not panicking* about a potluck at our house tonight, a June newsletter to post, a costume to finish under deadline- know the feeling?!)

This quilt is from Quilts Made Modern, Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr, the “Fashion District” project.
I got a USE IT UP bug – Use It Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without…

  • his old shirts that had plenty of usable fabric
  • florals, big, small, how did I get so many?!
  • that curvy seam practice piece 🙂
  • another irresistible fat quarter-frogs!
  • that sweet extra-wide piece that would be great as a back!

I quilted with a variegated thread, Amann Group Isacord 40 Multi, a Japanese poly called Emerald City. This stippling makes for a soft cushy feel, not stiff like some machine quilting. It was fun and went so quickly compared to some of the more traditional patterns, not to mention-by hand.  There are still scraps left, maybe a baby quilt?

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  1. I love this quilt. It’s so simple and fresh, and the colors came together wonderfully. And I’m crazy for that back! I thought at first it was a second quilt. Beautiful job!

    • Thank you! What I like best is the soft hand, almost as cushy as hand-quilted. This reminds me I could post more quilts, finishing a dress today first and there’ll be posts for the most complicated cuffs I’ve ever made. And gussets.😁

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