#4016 Morning 2, fitting continues… 3

Halted last night, discouraged by a dowdy muslin. And no, dress form isn’t standing up straight, tough day for her, too. Escape to bedtime reading !

Threads articles: gussets , Feb/Mar 2010, pp. 29-43, thoroughly intimidating! But helpful. On to another, Aug/Sept 2007, pp.46-51, Vintage Patterns, helpful for closure and facing recommendations.  Time to sleep on it and redesign. I wonder if anybody else has trouble making dumpy alterations by trying to use measurements…now Today! 🙂

A bunch of things needed to be fixed!

  • The front panel pattern pieces didn’t match widths, by the 3/8″ seam allowance included in one, not the other.
  • I tried pinching in the waist skirt panel.
  • Then I looked at pulling the waist in further.
  • Oops, I added widened the back bodice and skirt, but the skirt was way off, must have goofed, so in goes a skirt mid-panel.
  • That back skirt is catching & riding up the hips, needs some wiggle room!
  • Confidence ebbed, rechecking back width to the pattern.
  • The skirt front image looked straight down the side seam, so I started playing, narrowing it.
  • The shoulder line isn’t mine 🙂
  • Well, guess it was time to think about a gusset since the paper-like fabric is shredding. The Threads article called for a 3″ slash.
  • Okay, totally straightened that side seam.
  • I widened the front skirt panel a bit, intend to go even further.
  • The waist line has returned to Empire, Thank You, Theresa!!
  • Taking the flare out of the side seams, I wanted to see how much I might add to the back, so I slit it to see natural spread. A bodice insert, including a couple of pinches at the waist helped, too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, enough playing, now back to revisions, want to be sure it looks okay before I go to fabric…  & I need to work on Gussets Arrrggh!)



  1. It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to watch your work. I am interested to know how you padded your dress form. I have one that is ready to be padded so I can begin to sew after many years of only purchasing clothing. What a joy this is going to be! When you have time, please share how you padded yours.

    • Vicki, thank you! This is a good idea- I wish I’d had somebody to help me do this when I got the dress form. Actually, I’ve had to re-fit it already once and it is probably time to check in and see how the match is holding up. I took a fit with a buddy class a decade or so ago 🙂 and we talked about the curve that sometimes appears on the back, just below the neck, the lower bust points, and other “gifts of gravity” that we may need to accommodate for fitting older women- using that now!
      I’ve put this post on my list! I should tell you that part of my original fitting included a chef’s knife, since the dress form had bigger shoulders, for a start. Now, 2 days left to finish this dress, alter the sash, make hat & parade bags, fingers crossed!

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