Rosalie Dace quilt, fall 2011 2

Several of our “Quild” took a Rosalie Dace class, “Cross Currents” together last fall. We were to emphasize X’s & +’s. I, of course, was thinking of politics, ballots, divisions, intersections.

Colors would echo the symbolism we associate with each: Red for R’s, where the newly-formed Tea Party was leaning, Green for Enviro’s, Blue for D’s. While we were there, I started getting news of an “Occupy!” movement, just forming.

Rosalie told me a story of how a politician where she lives (South Africa) told a voter that it was alright if he didn’t want to vote for him. If he didn’t like him very much, he should only mark a small X by his name on the ballot. I had to represent this somehow in the quilt.

You will see:

  • partial ballots that seem to be disintegrating
  • a large central ballot with a fractured vote
  • a tea party toppling cup and saucer
  • the Manhattan skyline and wharf, with an Occupy tent nearby
  • a 99%  painted and quilted in
  • a collection of some of my favorite Ampersands quilted, a plea for how I’d like less partisanship and more progress.

This quilt has been accepted for display at the Sisters Quilt Show 2012, in the Rosalie Dace category. Look for “X the Ballot”. I hope you can go to see it!

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