Mission Quilts Reply

A flannel quilt, with a dozen+ to our Mission (Homeless Shelter). Really timely with budget cuts, prisoners released this week for lack of County funds. Public land timber profits have dried up and the tax base hasn’t compensated, voted down the last 15 Public Safety ballot measures. Wake up call – Support our schools, prisons, services== Generate jobs for a strong tax base!!

My friend says this pattern is super fast. She donates quilts to our NICU and to police for kids taken into custody. Blocks were easy, and easy to get a little backwards. 🙂 Special talent of mine. Here’s progress, including a sample square, and others to the Mission:

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For the fast one I made:

  1.  Put 2 fabrics together, right sides facing. Cut into pairs of 9” squares.
  2. Stitch 2 seams on connecting sides, making a Vee, ¼” seams.
  3. Cut the squares in half, through the middle of the stitched sides (the V), making 2 equal right triangles.
  4. Put one triangle on top of the other, seams & long sides together.
  5. Cut 2” (or 2 ½”) strips off each of the 2 short sides of the triangle (not the hypotenuse). This will give you two sewn sets of small squares to make into a 4-patch, 4 small triangles, & 4 “arrow” shape sets, 2 already sewn together down the middle, 2 not sewn yet.
  6. Sew those two arrow shapes together on the long sides, to match the first two. Press seams flat, then open (for all subsequent seams, too). 7
  7. Sew the 4-patch, alternating fabrics on the diagonal. Press.
  8. Lay out the 4-patch & align the arrow pieces, fabrics ALL alternating, OR matching. Place the triangles to complete the square, coordinating. Seam allowances will have excess to trim later.
  9. Sew one bar of the X made by the 4-patch & two opposing arrow shapes. Press seams. 1
  10. Lay triangle short sides onto adjoining sides of the 2 remaining arrow pieces & sew. Press. You’ll get two big triangles to sew onto the center x-bar with the 4-patch. Check to be sure that layout is still okay. 1
  11. Sew triangles onto the x-bar 4 patch piece. Press seams.
**Note– all seams are sewn on straight of grain, BUT the finished square edges are ALL BIAS. Be careful, they stretch. I decided to use sashing strips to stabilize them and pinned carefully to prevent stretching. It was a little harder with the flannel.

I ran out of one flannel and used another (can you find it?), then inserted sashing strips.  I made an extra block, just to demonstrate. It took 25 minutes, including getting out tools, choosing fabric, setting up the machine (changing thread, feet), pressing and final trim. Breakneck pace takes ~8 minutes (with mistakes!), 10 minutes okay, 15 minutes leisurely. The traditional quilting took forever. Happy quilting, and supporting our community…

btw, some of this fabric was gifted to me from old stashes. The yellow and fall fabrics (the sample) were stash clearing and would make a nice fall birthday gift. Hmm…squeeze that into what time slot, um, where?? 🙂

Couldn’t resist that sample block, threw in a progress snap for that, too! It really is FAST!  🙂


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