A Same Day Baby Quilt! 4

Sometimes I like to push everything aside and work on something else! Doesn’t that just sound ADHD?! 🙂

We came home from a family visit a few hours away on Saturday, to an invitation to meet a new grand baby!  When I got up Sunday, I pushed the current quilt out of the way, pushed aside the dress form wearing the jacket being altered, ignored the two sets of sheers a little longer. Surely I had choice little bits to assemble for a quick snuggle bunny present that afternoon!

I looked through Quilts Made Modern, and Quick Little Quilts (out of print now),  but chose the Rail Fence block baby quilt from Quilts for Baby, Easy as ABC. It may be out of print, too.

I looked through my ’30’s reproduction fabrics and baby prints, and kept in mind that this family is volunteering at the

Oregon Country Fair. The quilt back, chosen to salute the Fair, is Ramona’s mom’s preferred side! 🙂

I spent a couple of hours choosing fabric, cutting it out and assembling the top. I pieced batting from trims off the Old Shirt Quilt, then pinned together with the FUN BACK! Quilting was all stippled at a gallop and it will not pass muster from any closer than that galloping horse.  Time to take the machine in and baby the bsr settings…

But it got bound, with time during breaks to take a plate of deviled eggs. Take a look!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now to get back to those other things, like thanking my photographer. 😉



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