Happy 77th B’Day, Annie Proulx! Reply

Have you read The Shipping News
Here is an intersection of my Book Group and my quilt group. Every chapter of this book starts with an image of a knot. Get out the Bowditch‘s!  I made a small quilt as a tribute to this dark book, which I loved and recommend.

Just for fun, I’ve included some other quilts hanging around the house:

  • The Shipping News
  • The Oregon Coast, inspired by Quiltagami
  • The Lighthouse  trip that inspired “the Oregon Coast”
  • An Underwater Fantasy, for a group show a couple of years ago
  • Baby Quilt scraps, from a gift for a California beach baby
  • The California Beach Baby Quilt those scraps came from
  • Bamboo Boogie-Woogie, inspired by a quilt group project, probably on Liz Axford and, I’m guessing, on Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie-Woogie series
  • Summer 2007, inspired by “Thinking Outside the Block

I hope you like them! I wonder how many others make quilts inspired by what they’re reading, outside of quilt design books?

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