Foggy outside? Paint Color inside! 4

For some friends grousing about yucky wallpaper on HGTV.

Need Color? Wow, we got color! We lived in a modern house with rounded corners, all painted Builders’ White. I was ready for color, and not the tired wallpaper in this 1925 house. I love wallpaper, even hanging it.   But we (Handy & Mandy= me) had to pull ours down for insulation- like *None*. I could tell you about the drapes, curtains and blinds I updated, and the quilts in the pix. But today the focus is wall color. You may need shades. This is not Builders’ White. 🙂

The entry- calm, traditional, sedate. As we go to family areas, you’ll see color popping in. The little finish “whimsy room” was me balking at paying for mural wallpaper. It took me months of stenciling and hand flourishes. 🙂

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  1. Always been a shy one about color (most of our house is “mushroom cap”), but I just painted ‘my’ room yellow and put tropical plants in the corners. Cheers me up just walking by. Nice photos!

    • Most of this house has calm colors and the rooms play nicely with each other. These were taken on different floors. 🙂
      The trim is a warm white though, throughout the house.

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