Inauguration Pie 4

Inauguration Pie today, raspberry-blueberry custard.  Some Red, some Blue, it looked awful, sort of like we did, 18 hours into Inauguration ’09, after absorbing cold, outside all day. But wow, damn-fine pie. We’re getting up at 3am again tonight to take a friend to the airport, just like we did for that 3am cab ride to the first Metro into DC from Hither-&-Yon, VA, just beyond the end of that line. Tomorrow I can feel bleary, remember the surreal gratitude all over again!

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Here is the pie, and a photo I would only share with friends, of us at the Western Regional Ball. Photo manipulation could only help a little, hat-hair, make-up blown off, from many hours before. We walked all over creation in DC, Metro bolluxed by crowds, roads still closed for the parade, cabs impossible. I hadn’t thought to engage a limo, probably not possible anyway. You can just see the edges of my shawl, which is huge and luxurious, but not warm.

For my sewing friends, the shawl I wore is made of Pino Lancetti silk, lined with red silk. I fell in love with the fabric in the garment district in Manhattan and it languished while I fretted over not ruining it. I ended up facing it with a red charmeuse I chose for it, lots of fine hand hemming. I could still take it apart and make it into something spectacular. Thank you 1912 sewers for helping me to even consider that!

I started the knitted hat after our inaugural tickets arrived, Friday before the Monday Inauguration. The hat was not warm enough when I finished it, so I lined it. Plenty of time to knit when you’re fretting over making last-minute arrangements to fly, sleep somewhere(?!).

Today we enjoyed the Inauguration from home turf.  Obama looked burnished by the last four years and so do we. And looking forward to the next term. I promise you that we are still adding to the volunteer mix here, trusting that it’ll make a difference. For today though, I got my contented fill of Sousa marches, speeches and the poetry that make me belong here, an American at home , in the place we’ve been working on. Here’s to all of us, Deo Gratias!



  1. Traveling abroad and enjoyed your comments about this special day – will need to see how the local papers (Myanmar) cover it.

  2. Did you post your pie recipe? Would you make it again or now that the inauguration is over would you let it go? Today is National Pie Day. I’m mulling over what pie to make if I can talk Kathleen into it.

    • Thanks for asking! This pie recipe is rhubarb custard. I substituted ~4 c. raspberries & another ~cup of blueberries. Much prettier with pink rhubarb . 🙂
      1 c. sugar, mixed with 1/4 c. flour and 1/4 t. ground nutmeg
      4 c. sliced rhubarb, stirred into the flour etc.
      3 eggs, beaten until light and foamy
      a bottom crust (1 1/2 c. flour, 5 oz. butter, 1 T. sugar, 1/4 t. salt, ~1/3 c. water)

      Preheat the oven to 425. Mix the crust as you usually do and chill. Chop the rhubarb and let it sit in the flour, sugar & nutmeg while you beat the eggs (helps if they’re warmed a bit from the fridge). Roll out the pastry, 9″ pie dish. Gently fold the eggs into the fruit, pour into the pastry and bake ~45 minutes. It needs to cool thoroughly to set.

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