chronobiology- Take your time! 4

coffee, you can sleep when you're deadI am really greedy with time! “Take your time”  jolts my blood pressure. 🙂
I always have other things to do, working hard to be more efficient, more organized- “Daily Routine”, “Things” apps, so couldn’t resist…

WBUR  Here & Now chronobiology.

Pack more into each day- WSJ, The Peak Time for Everything.

San Diego Biotech, Circadian clock drugs coming to treat cancer, diabetes, other diseases

Morning Routines are Creativity Killers, TIME.

My clock doesn’t match my daughter’s- age, personal differences? My husband needs less sleep- makes me jealous! Is the modern world’s clock fighting us? Our clocks are genetic, made of proteins, they say. When they tweak and reset genes, they see increased obesity, diabetes, breast cancer. Caught my attention, just read The Emperor of All Maladies. Shift workers, like nurses, truck drivers, have more trouble. When I’m tired, I eat more, but what about those others? No thank you! Highlights for me–

  • Eat– not what, but when–best when you are active.
  • Nets- messages more likely to be read in early morning, but tired afternoon people are more likely to retweet.
  • Think- students showed better problem solving when tired. Creativity, better analytic thinking peaks later in the evening.
  • Fellow Knitters– joints and muscles are more flexible in the evening, less vulnerable to strain, injury.

Well, something to chew on, reaching for more coffee. 🙂 What are you thinking about?





  1. This is fascinating stuff. When you first posted this, it made me click through links and I got lost in the sea of the internet. But now I’m back to say that I liked you post. This morning I woke up and first thing I had a rush of energy so I followed it. Felt great.

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