Global Fact-checking Summit, London: 1


This week’s Fact-checking Summit, building an International Assn of Fact-Checkers– SO Helpful!! I Love the whistle-blowing, finger-pointing, Mammy Yokum alert names-! 🙂
Pants on fire! 4 Pinocchios! Insane Whopper!
note to self: Bookmark this page!!

Just another Bias? Nope.
From academics: early 2008 & 2012 US election research shows
95% agreement, btw  Fact Checker, See–

From the Washington Post, 13 June 2014:

The global boom in political fact checking

Here’s a quick list I pulled out. See the Video links & Share!! Please Comment & Add Your Favorites:  🙂

  •, US started in 2003, U Penn’s
    Annenberg Public Policy Center.
  • PolitiFact, US  Tampa Bay Times, since 2007. Pants on fire!  comes from them. 🙂
  • Fact Checker, US Washington Post, since 2007.
  •  FullFactUK, fact checks media & politicians —
    & newspapers corrections!
  • StopFakeUkraine,  puncturing myths &,exposing Russian propaganda in social media.
  • AfricaCheck, South Africa, & a guide for identifying fakes and hoaxes online, welcome contributions from readers
  • FactCheckEU, Belgium, monitors European parliamentarian statements , welcome contributions from readers.
  • ChequeadoArgentina , enlists crowd-sourcing, &  its own statistics database, since government data is suspect.
    See their cool Video (Click on “CC” for subtitles.)
  • ABC Fact CheckAustralia, appears regularly on the Australian version of PBS. (example video)
  • La Pagella Politica, Italy, has a Friday evening show,
    with 1 million viewers.
  • Fact Check Georgia, Georgia, TV spots: (translated)–see  “I am breathing & as you can see, perfectly alive!
  • MorsiMeterEgypt, a bold effort to track Morsi’s 64 “first 100 days” promises (got 10 of 64), now-ousted.
  • RouhaniMeter, Iran, tracked campaign promises of former president Hassan Rouhani.

No mention of John Stewart’s Daily Show or Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report, Honorable Mentions from me. 🙂



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