Home at Harris House 12

What does this “housewife” do? Try stuff from our farm stand to share with our friends! Thinking of Judge Harris, ~55 years ago.

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  • Our Old House– We’ve put lots of effort into our 1925 house. Bathroom re-do in the works…
  • Gardening– Snow today!
  • Sewing–  Wonder what 2014 will bring- my dress form  is now My shape! I’m starting with a pattern I love,  even though it fit baldy- Big alterations…My 1912 Sewing ended, great Suffragette garb.
  • Quilts!  Our 2014 group challenge is Water quilts.
  • Food! – That spaghetti sauce here! Well, soon.  And Baking, etc. etc.
  • Knitting – Over half way with the two yarns, two hands sweater, post soon.  🙂
  • Think/Act–  issues of the day.  How can we not work to make a difference?

Welcome to our house, fun afoot here. 🙂  Drop in and chat, have some virtual tea. 

Becky mc not bold 14


  1. I love your banner picture. What a fabulous shop! We don’t have a great shopping venue here in SW Florida – everything has to be on-line. Just to touch all that stuff – oh my…

  2. The banner photo is in Florence, Italy. I’m mourning the loss of several local independent stores around Oregon.
    I used to get heirloom supplies from Capitol Imports in Florida locally. They only sell wholesale. I wonder if you have a better connection in Florida?

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