Food! Reply

I love to cook!  & can, bake, experiment, use local–What is this from the CSA…

Now, why does the house smell like that?!  🙂

  • March- it is Lent, time to watch Chocolat.  A fine time to improve diet. CSA bagfuls call for stir fry.
  • January, pulling frozen fruit from the freezer for jam and leather. The bubbly warm pot & slow oven are so welcome in January!
  • December, scones for Lessons & Carols, Gingerbread house, cookies, requests… 🙂
  • August and every afternoon means a handful of sugar pod peas, a few orange cherry tomatoes and almost a pint of blueberries! Not to mention the zucchini!
  • July is Jam and lots of salads. Berries are amazing in the Willamette Valley.  The raised beds are going crazy and it is hard to keep up with the greens…
  • May, time for Pasta!
  • Baking–I love to bake. Always have. English Muffin Bread, Challah, pies, wedding cakes, gingerbread houses…

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