“Chumley’s” 6

“Chumley’s” ready for the oven, local flour.

Cholmondley-style English Muffin Bread is rising, waiting for the oven to heat.  It may be “Chumley’s” to you but to us, it is just Bread & Butter! The flour is red hard-wheat, grown in Junction City, Oregon by Camas Country Mill.

It’ll make great breakfast toast, will go with hot soup and be gone before it can become French toast…



  1. Could you share the recipe for the bread? Good bread is essential and another wonderful recipe is always welcomed.

  2. Jane, we have bread here all the time! If there isn’t bread, we sometimes *even* buy some, which is okay- Eugene City Bakery is just downhill. 😉

    I used to work for a bakery/dairy supply company, Richardson & Holland (R&H). One of the 700+ products was a Cholmondley’s (“Chumley’s”) English Muffin bread mix, sold to bakeries in huge bags. I missed it, so I looked on line, don’t remember which recipe I used. Actually, probably adapted liberally. Here’s one: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/english-muffin-toasting-bread-recipe.
    I used King Arthur Irish Whole Meal Flour instead of the corn meal, reduced yeast to a teaspoon. Since I proof in the oven, time is the same. I use SAF Instant yeast, can’t remember if it is red or blue, one better for sweet doughs, but I forget which. I used the flour in the photo, not AP white. And I toss in several T’s of milled flax seed whenever I remember it. 🙂
    And if you can pull some away and shred in the food processor? This makes the best crumbs for browning in butter and tossing over a gratin!

  3. Thanks, especially for all the details. Formerly, when living in North Bend, I baked bread twice a week, but now, we have two wonderful French bakeries within walking distance so at presentI bake less often, but still love bread fresh from the oven. Bread, with good butter is essential.

    • Mr. Ross, my “Chumley’s” is from the recipe I listed above, made in my kitchen. I’m sorry I don’t have an easy purchase answer for you. It could be that bakeries near you make it, under a different name? My inspiration, the R&H bakery mix, doesn’t seem easy to find anymore, either. It isn’t hard to make at home, though. Good Luck. 🙂

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