Outside Reply

Outside at Harris House-

Raised beds- Beets, parsnips, lettuce, parsley, onions, chives and garlic chives all have a head start, some from last summer. 🙂 Lots is blooming, pix soon! Daphne is almost done blooming, primroses are the best ever, hellebores are fading, violets are spreading, early daffs are still looking good and others are coming on.  Sugar pod and sweet peas need to go in asap!


Shamrocks are up. These bloom pink.

Spring is teasing us! Violets and primroses are blooming and the slugs know it. It is still too soon to plant just about anything, but soon I’ll be starting more chard, onions, other greens.

Early Huckleberry blossoms, heck, still January, barely.

Blueberries are only showing the slightest signs of life, buds showing some color but not growing yet. The huckleberries have tiny blooms already, though. These are big for them, since the leaves are small and the fruits are tiny. Next time I should check the lingonberries.

My jazzy hellebore opening up…

Hellebores are up. Deciding when to cut back the old leaves is tricky. They don’t look ratty yet, but nice days are precious for yard-time. It is the rainy or yucky weather that beats them up, after all. The new growth is still pretty small and the old leaves tell me not to step there.

The “black” hellebore, up and ready for another Spring!

There are white/green ones, the jazzy pinky-lavender one and the “black” one. Lots of hellebores. Daffodils are up, varying heights, varying blooming times, after all. Crocuses are up, just barely. I haven’t seen the least peek from the snowdrops. Good grief, how many years in a row have I planted those?! Squirrels think I do it for sport, just to give them something to dig up.

Tomorrow I turn the page on the first month of 2012 and dig into the February gardening chores.

January 15th-

Thinnest dusting of snow ever. Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.
herbs in the snow

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