Our Old House 1

the Harris house, 2012

the Harris house, 2012

We moved in almost 10 years ago, a big adventure, with seven repair crews tumbling over each other. Everything that has been repaired has been complicated in this 1925 house. Thank heavens it has character and charm to spare. 🙂

I will gradually add to this story…

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  1. Hi Becky,

    It was really nice talking to you this morning. Thanks for taking the time to share your remodeling experience with me. While I was browsing through your paint colors I noticed that you said your daughters focus was a Bach Festival poster. Oddly enough, I happen to have professionally framed and autographed Bach Festival posters from past years on Craigslist Eugene for sale. I don’t know the extent of her interest, or yours, but if you are interested, they are listed under as “musical instruments by owner” (in hopes of drawing the attention of musicians ). By the way, LOVE your old house and wish you had kitchen pics up. Nena

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