Ladies Skirt #0612, 3 Feb 7

The 3 pattern pieces are traced onto paper, without the seam allowances, and lined on the table grid, seamlines matched.  

I expected to need increases in the waist, then checking hips, with considerable shortening. I measured the high waist (top of the pattern) since the natural waist is 3″ lower. You can see the inch marks on the pieces. I couldn’t believe I got it right. 😉 My skirt front piece was a little off at the top edge. I matched them up at the pleat marks on the sides.

Walking the high waist with a tape measure

The high waist for this “25 inch waist” skirt measured 29.5″, without seam allowances, folded pieces doubled, R&L side panel doubled.  the “natural waist”, 3″ down from the top edges, measured 33 3/4″. We’re definitely talking fitting muslin!

I measured the “high hip”, 3″ down from the natural waist, 40″. The “full hip”, about 9″ down for me, measured 45″. Depending on drape, I may not need to alter these.

The length will definitely need a bit out in the thigh and shin, maybe a bit narrower at the hem to try to keep the proportion.  And I still need to add a hem allowance when I do the seam allowances. It is a pretty curvy hemline, lower in back, so not too deep a hem. Maybe even faced…horsehair???

I hope you can see the red dashes I made for the natural waist, high & full hips.

Next, tracing a copy with alterations, then muslin…

Natural waist, high & full hip marks



    • Nice to hear that this is speeding along. For a seat-of the-pants sewer, this seems very careful and slow. It is ~breakneck speed~ on learning blogging and keeping up with the must-dos! And geez, we see muslins already! I want to remember this will be an endurance this year, not a sprint. 🙂

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I can see that the slope of the hem is a bit different from what I thought. Yes, please, do keep posting pictures!

  2. Hey, Lisa and I only have a muslin because we worked together AND did not alter the pattern. We figured around 14 hours just to put the muslin together (7 hours each). So, if you are making it to fit you, don’t rush, take your time. BTW, the horsehair edge or a faced hem makes it flow nicely while you walk, gives it some body.

  3. Even the pattern looks “dreamy”! I can’t wait for my own pattern to arrive. Looks like you are doing a great job. have fun and good luck!

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