Ladies Skirt May 5, 1912, # 0612, 25″ Waist 5

Progress on the Skirt pattern today! Look for the cool Scroll work!

Ladies Skirt image from the original pattern

I printed all the pattern pages in Pattern Maker, then lined up the registration marks and taped the pages together. Look for the semi-circle and center X. It reminded me of wallpapering. You either enjoy that precision or you don’t. I found it easier to use a rotary cutter to trim off the page edges, up to the registration marks, so they could be tightly fitted. I took a photo and hope it shows. Look at the top of the sheet, between the two diagonal strips I trimmed off.  If all four pages met here, you’d see the X in a circle.



I taped all the pieces together and traced over the seam lines, ignoring the seam allowances, since I’ll be altering anyway.  Thanks to Kim Nash for that advice!






Pattern Pages taped

After all the pertinent info was copied over onto the tracing paper, I snapped a photo of it and here you are! Enough for this post. Next I’ll take out the pieced pages and start altering the pieces. For me that’ll mean:

  • Shorter
  • bigger waist
  • maybe bigger hips?

And what about ease? It is time to go back and look at the other files that came with the pieces, in case there were some instructions!

Ladies Skirt, first tracing



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