Foggy outside? Paint Color inside! 4

For some friends grousing about yucky wallpaper on HGTV.

Need Color? Wow, we got color! We lived in a modern house with rounded corners, all painted Builders’ White. I was ready for color, and not the tired wallpaper in this 1925 house. I love wallpaper, even hanging it.   But we (Handy & Mandy= me) had to pull ours down for insulation- like *None*. I could tell you about the drapes, curtains and blinds I updated, and the quilts in the pix. But today the focus is wall color. You may need shades. This is not Builders’ White. 🙂

The entry- calm, traditional, sedate. As we go to family areas, you’ll see color popping in. The little finish “whimsy room” was me balking at paying for mural wallpaper. It took me months of stenciling and hand flourishes. 🙂

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Frank Lloyd Wright Quilt 6

I’m thinking of Chicago (the chilly fall weather?) and … 

The Frank Lloyd Wright quilts I’ve made, 2 of them, one for my Brother and a repeat of the same one for my daughter. This is exacting, precision work. My quilt group saw my dizzying effort at being OCD. I don’t think I’m very good at it, quite a struggle. 🙂

The pattern “Ennis House”, is from a booklet, Quilts in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright, isbn 1-885156-13-8, Animas Quilts Publishing.

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I wonder what my friends have made, anything like this? Any that are tributes?

…the other one had lamé, taught me to turn the iron down. And then to rip out the melted patch. 🙂