Covered buttons 6

Covered buttons seemed ideal for both finishing the skirt and the shirtwaist I’m about to start. Only 8 were needed for the skirt front but adding them onto the back seemed like such a nice idea- thanks Toby Barton! I got 3/4″ ones, looked about right for my size. Also, I ordered a box of 3/8″ ones from Newark Dressmaker Supply and they arrived post haste! Even regular USPS delivery!

I used a white pen to trace the circles onto fabric, added smaller circles to underline, since the shiny metal showed through- you can see them in the photo. When I started doing this, I realized I didn’t have the little white (silicone?) column tool to push the fabric & button top into, wondered if there might be some help on-line. Voila! A covered button tutorial!

This was a big help the small buttons! No more fussy circles- squares a little bigger than double the button diameter, corners trimmed. And glue stick! Just a dab? Nope, a thin layer across the square for the small buttons, too hard to manage otherwise.

Those little button teeth BITE! They suggest a pencil eraser, didn’t work for me, had to use fingers to hold everything together.

Buttonholes were easy, keyhole setting, test, some practice, repeat, uncut on the right side, cut on the left side: