Skirt #0162, March progress 1

Skirt #0162!

The Muslin

The big (!) question is, how do I fit a muslin when my weight (waist, etc.) fluctuates, I can’t fit with my daughter’s corset on because I can’t bend over the sewing machine. So, take a wild guess? 🙂 Optimism, elastic, stab in the dark? I fitted to my dress form, variously too big & too small. sigh. It looks great. You can’t see the accidentally inverted back pleats. lol.

The hem is lower in back, wondering if it should drag?
AMAZING UPDATE!! Alicia, a 1912 sewist 😉 says she owns the original skirt!

  • not lined
  • a day length (not dragging?)
  • she will get it out and share with us when she can. yay!

The Skirt

It is cut out, including an extension to cross over the front, under the “button-up” panel, in case I want to add it. The Pendleton wool is lovely and irons beautifully. I was amazed that the (WIDE!) side panels could be cut on one pass- really wide fabric–


Now, fretting about how to interpret that scroll work down the front! I copied it carefully on the pattern.






The pattern referred to soutache braid and I knew I’d have trouble bending it into those fine curves. See the middle of the picture, like vines. The leaf on the right is a quilting pattern copy, pierced through several layers of paper.

The strip on the left is the scroll work pierced to sew onto the fabric. Here’s a better view:

Look closely! You pin this to the fabric, sew over it, then go on to “couching”. This is an embroidery stitch.

I used cotton, red to contrast on the front, dark on the back. I couched an “Aunt Lydia’s” #10 crochet thread onto the side panels. I’m ~ 3/4’s done, figure it’ll take ~9 hours. whew.

More soon! I’ll post photos of tools & technique…:-)