The Hat (okay, first hat) 1

You saw the supplies, now here’s the sequence:

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  • The Pendleton wool Melton outer and black heavy satin liner get a try on.
  • The wire and closure get cut and inserted, whipped onto the seam allowances.
  • The milliner’s tape gets measured, reduced by an inch and sewn onto the hat, not easy around the narrow curve.
  • The facing gets whipped in.
  • The tape is sewn down.
  • The embellishments are placed, done!

And I wore it in time for Kim’s hat challenge! April 7th, at the Portland Rose Festival Open House.

[All done but the whining…]
The wire was hard to cut! I dented it and then was able to snap it. That should have been a sign…when I tried to ease the hat into a drooping shape, the wire snapped at the back. Or maybe it slipped out of the cover. It was all sewn in place, time to go, so I didn’t tear it apart to see. This wire was too heavy and brittle for this hat. The plastic cord I got was too light. There must be a middle weight one. Back to, just up the road from me.

The pattern said the hats should have an inner drawstring to fit them, except for this view (what?!). This one needed it, too! In the pix, it was all over the place, falling off to one side or the other, jaunty cap! Not staying put! I tried a hat pin but my hair was not helping. oh well.

Next, a summery hat! 🙂