Knitting shaped Kimono sweater shoulders- Help?! 3

Calling experienced knitters, I want your help!*** See below Please! 🙂

Mostly level shoulder ribbon

Mostly level shoulder ribbon

This is Kamakura Kimono sweater from Knit Kimono by Vicki Square is an ambitious project for me!  I am using Berrocco Ultra Alpaca, gentle to knit with and it has been a warm lapful this winter. It is Challenging! The fabric is heavy, even drooping on the dress form. You can see the armhole steek below the orange pin…

Heavy sweater sagging already!

Heavy sweater sagging already!

  • My original yarns were lovely together but not enough contrast for the pattern, so back to my local yarn shop, oh my! 🙂
  • My good friend Carol said I must learn to knit with 2 colors at once! Okay, stiff upper lip and I’ve done that!
  • This pattern is a little confusing and my local shop guru said I should knit in the round and STEEK IT! I watched Eunny Jang steek 3 ways, will take  a Very Deep Breath and slice into this after stabilizing the front edges and armholes.
    [um, almost…eek!]
  • Shoulders, oh Dear!! Mine slope down and forward. I will get lost in a straight shouldered kimono! I found this great reference, looks exactly to the point: “shaped shoulders in the round“.

So, “FeralKnitter” recommends 5 steps:

  1. Decide how much rise you want. The usual 3/4-1″ measures for me are: 2 3/4″ front and 3 1/4″ back.
  2. Measure rows/inch– easy, 13/2″, or 6.5, one medallion repeat in this pattern, even for both directions.
  3. Rise (#1) x Rows/inch (#2)  gets me adding 18(+1= 19) rows to the front, 21(1+=22) to the back.
  4. Count stitches (armhole Steek to center front Steek), 73 for the front. The back is 156 stitches across. I don’t want to V up the center back neck, so will angle up across only the shoulder seam, flat across the back neck. That takes 6″, out of 15″, 9″ x 6.5 st/”= 60 stitches each back shoulder.
  5. Divide shoulder stitches #4, by short rows, #3, and add 1.  Front 73/19=3.8, which I will call an even 4-stitch short row. 🙂
    Back 60/22=2.76. Hmm, I hope it isn’t too indulgent to call that “3”. that still isn’t an even #, so a graph is in order…

*** This is where you come in, not so much for the graph, but for the ease/stretch/ heavy sweater sag experience! I wonder how much I should reduce extending shaping from shoulders up to the neck, for this heavy sweater?  Halloo?? 🙂

chronobiology- Take your time! 4

coffee, you can sleep when you're deadI am really greedy with time! “Take your time”  jolts my blood pressure. 🙂
I always have other things to do, working hard to be more efficient, more organized- “Daily Routine”, “Things” apps, so couldn’t resist…

WBUR  Here & Now chronobiology.

Pack more into each day- WSJ, The Peak Time for Everything.

San Diego Biotech, Circadian clock drugs coming to treat cancer, diabetes, other diseases. 

Morning Routines are Creativity Killers, TIME.

My clock doesn’t match my daughter’s- age, personal differences? My husband needs less sleep- makes me jealous! Is the modern world’s clock fighting us? Our clocks are genetic, made of proteins, they say. When they tweak and reset genes, they see increased obesity, diabetes, breast cancer. Caught my attention, just read The Emperor of All Maladies. Shift workers, like nurses, truck drivers, have more trouble. When I’m tired, I eat more, but what about those others? No thank you! Highlights for me–

  • Eat– not what, but when–best when you are active.
  • Nets- messages more likely to be read in early morning, but tired afternoon people are more likely to retweet.
  • Think- students showed better problem solving when tired. Creativity, better analytic thinking peaks later in the evening.
  • Fellow Knitters– joints and muscles are more flexible in the evening, less vulnerable to strain, injury.

Well, something to chew on, reaching for more coffee. 🙂 What are you thinking about?



Kelly Cardigan repeats, with Variations 2

Knitting with mohair, camel , Italian BouclĂ©, and tweed insertion yarns was fast, so now – variations!

I’m making a couple of new sweaters, same basic design:

  • Fitting- from the old Sweater Wizard software. I don’t think it is available anymore- not ideal but I’m grateful for it, ready for an update–hint, hint! Options included knitting sleeves top down into the sweater, nice for good shoulder shaping.
  • Yarns– Silk and more mohair- Yum!! I added a Shibui Wasabi strand from a Wool & Company visit, Geneva Illinois. I was guessing on yardage, added a tam for the Wasabi. 🙂 he Caramel strand came from a visit to Art Fibers in SF, thanks to 1912 Sewer pal recommendation! It is Tsuki, 40% silk, 60% superkid mohair. Btw, they are great for distance requests, mailed another 300 yards (the cone in the photo) when I redesigned. They dye their own, no dye lot worries, aah.
  • Buttons – for the Wasabi, are from Mindy’s, local to me- Yay! I am on the prowl for the caramel sweater.
  • Variations– the Wasabi sweater has buttons, not Vogue Vintage Kelly, but I loved those and had to use them! Also, the snuggly shawl collar is smaller than I thought but still toasty.
    The sleeves are longer, too. I actually tore the cuffs out and lengthened them. The 3/4 length was perfect for spring, that warm green, but it was chilly! 🙂
    The caramel sweater is longer and will have a notched open or buttoned up collar, haven’t decided yet.

There will be a little of these original yarns left on the cones, so maybe next I’ll add in an Italian rayon, Ice Cream pastels, nice for Spring, will post…thank you to my m-i-l for the original cones! I had no idea there was so much yarn there! Xenia & Laura have two of these now.

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Hello from Harris House! 1

Welcome to the view from our house. You will find things that interest me:

  •  fashion press– why don’t I see for grown-up women?!
  •  sandwich generation-what’s going on with my kids, my folks?
  • my friends are, what are they doing?
  • Gardening and around this 1925  house…
  • Politics Not much, since I was elected Secretary of the LWVOR and agreed to maintain a non-partisan stance. I still work for causes I care about, want my friends to keep in touch!

Drop in and chat, have some virtual tea.