Stretch out those Dog Days… 2

How has August raced half-way through?! This is the good part of summer for me and I hope you’re enjoying it too.

It is 93 right now, cooler in this old house. Days are flipping off the calendar, too Fast:

  • Zucchini every day, blueberries , sugar pod peas and cherry tomatoes to pick
  • Evenings knitting with John Merriman European History lectures (free!)
  • Daily Arsenic Hour*- well, ~4pm, time to cool off with smoothies. *Named from when toddlers got cranky. 🙂
  • Juggling laundry, quilting, web sites, data bases, cooking, deadheading, prepping for family visit…
  • Auditioning wedding flowers, “sunset colors” for next summer- good friends. 🙂

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NYT’s- Are You Too Busy?

Am I too busy? Are you too busy? Feeling a bit like a hamster, maybe too hot? 🙂  Take care, slow down, keep cool, try to savor the warmth, pumpkins will be here before we know it.

Louisa Harding Oaksike Reply


The Black Sheep Gathering is coming! I got a slot in a lace edge finishing class. So here’s my baseline, hoping to get much better after the class! 🙂

Sweater & Tools 🙂

This sweater has really nice edge finishes, a neckline and front finishes that hold their shape. They are light yet strong. the picot edge tends to pull to one side, leaning adrift. I hope I can improve on this in the class, not just with fervent blocking.

Yarn & Pattern

Here’s the book & the yarn, loved working with it. I like it with the necklace my daughter strung for me. I even like it well enough to sew in one of my labels! 🙂

[Except, if I make it again, those sleeves will have to be narrower! They Billow! And the cuffs are a fashion statement unto themselves! HUGE! They re fun to wear but out of step with the rest of the sweater. I’m learning—swatch *every bit of the pattern*.]


I posted this on Ravelry, finished a lace sweater on Saturday, in time to wear it to a friend’s (successful Surprise!) 60th Birthday party.  I still need to take it easy, eyes tire easily after retinal surgery.

Louisa Harding "Oaksike" cardigan