Frank Lloyd Wright Quilt 6

I’m thinking of Chicago (the chilly fall weather?) and … 

The Frank Lloyd Wright quilts I’ve made, 2 of them, one for my Brother and a repeat of the same one for my daughter. This is exacting, precision work. My quilt group saw my dizzying effort at being OCD. I don’t think I’m very good at it, quite a struggle. 🙂

The pattern “Ennis House”, is from a booklet, Quilts in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright, isbn 1-885156-13-8, Animas Quilts Publishing.

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I wonder what my friends have made, anything like this? Any that are tributes?

…the other one had lamé, taught me to turn the iron down. And then to rip out the melted patch. 🙂


Quilt Camp 2012, hiking 2

A month has passed since Quild, the 10 of us,  took a week to quilt, share meals, teach each other, hike, take field trips, have fun, rest!

Here are some photos from our walks in the woods…

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If we can repeat next year, it’ll be 25 years of Quilt Camp!