Kelly Cardigan repeats, with Variations 2

Knitting with mohair, camel , Italian Bouclé, and tweed insertion yarns was fast, so now – variations!

I’m making a couple of new sweaters, same basic design:

  • Fitting- from the old Sweater Wizard software. I don’t think it is available anymore- not ideal but I’m grateful for it, ready for an update–hint, hint! Options included knitting sleeves top down into the sweater, nice for good shoulder shaping.
  • Yarns– Silk and more mohair- Yum!! I added a Shibui Wasabi strand from a Wool & Company visit, Geneva Illinois. I was guessing on yardage, added a tam for the Wasabi. 🙂 he Caramel strand came from a visit to Art Fibers in SF, thanks to 1912 Sewer pal recommendation! It is Tsuki, 40% silk, 60% superkid mohair. Btw, they are great for distance requests, mailed another 300 yards (the cone in the photo) when I redesigned. They dye their own, no dye lot worries, aah.
  • Buttons – for the Wasabi, are from Mindy’s, local to me- Yay! I am on the prowl for the caramel sweater.
  • Variations– the Wasabi sweater has buttons, not Vogue Vintage Kelly, but I loved those and had to use them! Also, the snuggly shawl collar is smaller than I thought but still toasty.
    The sleeves are longer, too. I actually tore the cuffs out and lengthened them. The 3/4 length was perfect for spring, that warm green, but it was chilly! 🙂
    The caramel sweater is longer and will have a notched open or buttoned up collar, haven’t decided yet.

There will be a little of these original yarns left on the cones, so maybe next I’ll add in an Italian rayon, Ice Cream pastels, nice for Spring, will post…thank you to my m-i-l for the original cones! I had no idea there was so much yarn there! Xenia & Laura have two of these now.

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Kelly Cardigan(s) 4

Here’s the sweater that knocked me off my stool and got me to use the fitting software I bought ($!) back in XP era. Yup, pre- 7, Vista and something before that, I think…

Kelly Cardigan

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This pattern came from a book called “Vintage Knitting”.  Simple, not even buttons in the classic view. I tested the gauge, then still messed up somehow, too wide. It’ll be a present for daughter’s visit soon. So I searched for the buried software and paid the update fee. It is so old that the Yahoo Support Group doesn’t seem to exist for Sweater Wizard 3. Anybody heard of it? Use it? Help?

I used 3 machine yarns twisted together, a camel hair, an Italian Bouclé, and a mystery yarn, very fragile, just hardy enough to add colorful slubs! Thank you Eugene Textile Center! They were slow knitting by hand until I figured the tension so that they wouldn’t stretch variably.

Both are done and I am already using the software to adapt fitting on my next Louisa Harding, a cotton/cashmere blend. A knitting option was “using round needles”, so fronts and back are all one piece, up to armholes already, love it! Post for that when it is done, soon, I hope!