Portland Rose Festival Open House 5

Here’s that dress I made in action!

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  • Me & Karyl Carlson, another 1912 Titanic Sewing Project member, Group 1!
  • One of this year’s Rose Festival Princesses.
  • the LWVOR Secretary and the Royal Rosarian Scribe.
  • The Suffragette, the Scribe, and the Aviator.
  • The Royal Rosarian Robe and Sceptor.
  • Detail of the robe embellishment, velvet roses.
  • A bigger shot of the Royal Robe.
  • Another Rose costume.
  • The 1938 Ford that will carry the Rose Queen.
  • LWV display!
  • The Terwiliger Park display.
  • The Rose Festival President.
  • My next project!! Beautiful Pendleton wool for a Madeleine Vionnet gown!

Finding Fabric… 1

Fabric Shopping in Florence

Now that 1912  patterns are arriving,
fabric comes to mind!

We lost our beloved
home town
“27th St. Fabrics” recently, so travel or mail order for me! Here’s my list,
some because I want to go someday :

I want good sources for Linen & Heirloom supplies. Capitol Imports is wholesale only, sigh. Ideas?

More soon! —Becky

Choosing Skirt fabric… 3

Pendleton Flannel

Now, about the fabric…Pendleton Woolen Mills is celebrating a centennial, too! Pendleton Wool milled in Washougal, WAAlong with L.L.Bean, they pointed out. 😉 Their Washougal Outlet store had beautiful seconds on fabric, plaids, tropical weight solids, coatings.


So, Road Trip!!

They don’t swatch. They will mail though.
I got 3 pieces of tropical weight wool, perfect for a suit, this skirt, a pattern we haven’t seen yet?

They ran $3.99 a yard, 58″ width, two with a teensy bit of Lycra. I splurged and got plenty since I didn’t have any patterns yet. Flaws I could see looked like a minor pucker -no, really more like a whimper- in the selvedge, which I wouldn’t be using anyway. Another had a tiny crease a couple of inches up from one edge, running the length of the piece. I’ll cut around it.

What I got in Washougal...

  These three pieces are all light-weight. You can see the pucker the clerk mentioned by their tape on the selvedge on the left. It looks like a sharkskin, begs for some
Mad Men styling. The middle piece has a sophisticated gabardine weave, looks more Navy. The red to the right actually looks more maroon and is calmer than it seems here.

There was a plaid on the shelf that looked like it needs to be made into the suit that Toby, a pattern wizard is transcribing from the photo I posted earlier. This cost more. I’ll cross my fingers that something like it will be on the shelf if I need it.


Was this a double irregular plaid? maybe...

Okay, fellow sewers, anybody still doing Heirloom sewing? I am counting on getting a pretty shirtwaist pattern with insertions. Where do you get lace? I want some nice insertion lace. One of my 1912 Group recommended Pacific Fabrics in Bellevue, WA. Not what I wanted, but very helpful, suggested I look for…

Capitol Imports at the 2012 Sewing Expo in Puyallup, WA, March 1-4.
I may have to- Capitol is Wholesale Only. rats.

Next, on to the pattern!